Pictures: Lincoln Ave. Manhole Collapse

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, June 16, 2011

This car at 4200 N. Lincoln Ave. seemed to have collapsed a manhole and gotten stuck. (click to enlarge) Credit: Tommy Henry.

Update: Half Acre’s got an account on their company blog on how it all happened and how they used their forklift to get the car out.

Alert CSJ reader Tommy Henry and his son Declan were walking on the 4200 N. Lincoln block at about 9:45 this morning when they came across a collapsed manhole – and a Subaru stationwagon that had fallen victim to it.

Henry emailed us this account:

“Two guys were standing at the loading door of Half Acre talking about it when I asked one of them, ‘Is that your car?’ He replied, ‘No, it belongs to my partner,’ and motioned toward Half Acre. He told me it wasn’t that way before the car was parked there but his partner came outside to find it that way.”

We love the pictures and thought you would too.

Thanks Tommy and Declan!

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