Perfect Weekend for Egg Hunts on Two and Four Legs

By Sarah Tilotta | Monday, April 9, 2012

What? This is an egg hunt? I thought it was the royal wedding. Credit: Sarah Tilotta

More than 200 dogs and at least twice as many of their two-legged friends attended this year’s Horner Park Doggie Egg Hunt, the best turnout to date, according to Horner Park Supervisor Tom McManamon. On Saturday, April 7, owners brought their dogs to have photos taken with the Easter Bunny; others came for the Doggie Spring Bonnet Parade, where pups displayed bonnets of flower bouquets, British-style fascinators and rabbit ears. Still others attended to participate in the egg hunt, where plastic eggs filled with dog treats were sprinkled over the hillside for pooches to find and devour.

Pet-centric retailers and organizations handed out coupons for services and information on programs such as “Sit, Stay, Read,” which sends volunteers and dogs into CPS classrooms to help improve students’ literacy skills. The Horner Park Advisory Council, a sponsor of the Doggie Egg Hunt, passed out surveys on the topic of creating a Horner Park Dog Friendly Area. President of the council, Peter Schlossman, said feedback indicates the public is generally receptive to the idea of fencing off a two-acre section of the park for dogs. Planning is still in its infancy, so Schlossman encourages anyone with input to contact Horner Park and take the survey.

Over in Northcenter’s Town Square, nearly 1,000 children and their families took advantage of the cooperative spring weather to participate in the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce’s 25th Annual Eggstravaganza. Thirty-three chamber businesses served as sponsors of the event and egg hunt stops along the Town Square and Lincoln Avenue.

“We love seeing so many of our neighborhood families out in Northcenter having a great time and visiting our businesses,” said Garrett FitzGerald, NCC executive director.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1397464762 Ella Button

    This is moronic. I own a dog and I do not dress her in costumes and treat her as if she is a child. This is why non dog owners hate dogs, because their owners act like complete morons.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2H3N57VVJDS4AKM7KZNU365VVE Ryan

      First of all, not every dog was as festive as those in the photos and dressed in Easter attire (mine only wore the bandana given as part of registration) nor did every dog/owner participate in the parade. That’s
      one extreme.
      Secondly, it was a gorgeous day, why not take the dog and the family out to run around the hill  looking
      for dog treat filled eggs? What dog doesn’t like treats and isn’t his natural instinct to hunt?
      Third, being outside getting exercise and socializing with other dogs and humans is good for the dogs
      because it curbs their energy and they get to interact with their own species.
      If you are so offended by this event, why even bother reading the story AND go a step further by commenting on it? Stop being a troll and take your negative comments elsewhere.

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