Pawar: Mayor and CTA ‘Out of Touch’ On #11 Bus Elimination

By Sam Charles | Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th). Official city photo.

The #11 Lincoln Avenue bus will cease to be on Sunday, Dec. 16, according to a recent clarification from the Chicago Transit Authority’s Media Relations office. But the route’s inevitable future speaks to the lack of concern shown by the Chicago Transit Authority in regard to area residents, said Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th).

“The #11 bus line is a lifeline for many people in the 47th Ward and 32nd Ward,” Pawar said. “This is coming at a time when the Mayor and [CTA] President [Forrest] Claypool are talking about increasing public transit options citywide and reducing our carbon footprint. This flies in the face of that.”

Last September, the CTA voted to eliminate the #11 based on potential redundancy between the bus line and the CTA Brown Line.

There was minimal effort on the part of the CTA to find out from residents and businesses how they would be affected if the bus were to be cut, Pawar said.

“This idea that there was public input and public participation is, frankly, bulls–t,” Pawar said. “Even after hearing from a few [area residents and businesses] to still arrive at the decision that they did, to me, seems like this was a done deal from the beginning and it’s just a terrible decision. It shows that, at least in this instance, that the CTA and the Mayor’s Office is out of touch.”

In Spring 2013, the Chicago Department of Transportation will debut a new bike-sharing program. At a meeting last month, CDOT representatives said that the new system would help alleviate crowding on public transit. However, the new bike sharing program won’t help many of those who ride the #11, Pawar said.

“For people who are able to use the bike share service, they will,” Pawar said. “Asking a senior or someone carrying groceries to walk an extra four or five blocks, again, flies in the face of what the CTA is trying to do. The thing about public transportation is it’s not always about trying to make things more efficient, efficiency is not always the end goal. It’s also about be accessible to everybody.”


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  • http://www.facebook.com/jonmcginty Jonathan McGinty

    Thank you for taking this stance, as a Lincoln Square Resident this is practically the one bus my family and I use on a regular basis. Government for the people my arse!

  • ChiGuy4

    What has the alderman done about this, other than talk about how it is a bad thing? I’m willing to bet the alderman will continue to blindly vote for nearly all of the mayor’s proposals, including this budget. Alderman, it is called leverage. In the city council, start voting against things on principle. But, that may require attendance at more than 20% of committee meetings, if Northwestern will allow that.

  • http://profiles.google.com/crpope10 Chris Pope

    Where were you last month?

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  • http://twitter.com/FGFM FGFM

    What the Capplebus!

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