Paulina St. Rooster Still Waking Up Neighbors

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, July 21, 2011

The crowing second rooster. Credit: Marc Hauser.

“The big bird is back,” says neighbor Pat Gentile. “He’s crowing up a storm.”

For five days now, the quiet city residents of the 4400 N. Paulina St. block have been woken up early every morning by one of two roosters. The first one, captured by neighbor Marc Hauser and turned over to Animal Control on Monday afternoon. But then a second rooster showed its comb.

“I actually found it on the side of my house this morning. It crowed around 5:15,” writes Hauser. ”This one is skittish and runs fast, so I can understand why Animal Control had trouble catching it.”

It is legal to keep chickens in Chicago. City Council made a highly publicized effort to ban keeping chickens in private residences in 2007, but that measure failed. It is, however, illegal to keep pigeons in Chicago.

City ordinance 7-12-040 states, “Any stray animal shall be immediately impounded by an animal control officer.” However, most of the ordinances for animal control focus on dangerous animals, like stray alligators or dogs. While Animal Control has not returned Center Square Journal‘s calls, one can imagine a loud rooster falls pretty low on their list.

Hauser says he is still trying to get Animal Control to pick up the rooster. Perhaps this place might be more helpful.

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