Pair Of Roosters Keeping Paulina Street Awake – Update With Photos

By Sarah Tilotta and Mike Fourcher | Monday, July 18, 2011

The second of two supposed roosters stalking the 4400 N. Paulina block. Credit: Sarah Tilotta.

It seems that a pair of roosters have been strutting along the 4400 N. Paulina Ave. block since Saturday morning. One rooster was captured by a neighborhood family on Saturday and picked up by Chicago Animal Control and Care on Monday morning. But a second rooster showed its feathers Monday afternoon and residents aren’t happy about it.

By 5:00 p.m. Monday evening, what seemed to be the second rooster was still strutting its stuff around the neighborhood. Neighbor Jennifer Campion believes Animal Control may not have been able to find the second bird when they came for it in the morning.

“My daughter saw [Animal Control] pick up the rooster this morning,” said neighbor Pat Gentile. The first rooster had been kept safe by a neighboring family. “Now there’s another one?”

The (supposed) first rooster on Monday morning, where it was being kept safe. Credit: Mike Ferguson.

One or both roosters, it isn’t quite clear, have been keeping neighbors up with what roosters do: Crow at the sun when it comes up at 5:00 a.m.

It also is not quite clear where the roosters came from. A friendly family (who was not home when this reporter stopped by) had taken the first rooster in. Then, when it began to crow, so did the neighbors.

On Monday afternoon, Paulina Street residents were attempting to get Animal Control to pick up the second bird, but only got voicemail systems when they called.

When asked where she thinks the bird came from, Campion says her father joked “he fell off a rooster truck”. It was also suggested it could be a cock fighting rooster, but there are no marks on the bird to suggest any recent violence.

Passerby Pat McKenna observed the rooster in the yard across from the Hauser’s and noted he had just read a National Geographic article on roosters during his commute home today. He produced the publication and determined from illustrations of the various rooster species that this bird may be a Derbyshire Redcap.

This evening the bird could be seen pecking at weeds along the sidewalk. A water bowl had also been left out for him. At the time of publication, the rooster appeared to be settling into a garden for the night. Whether this is the original rooster or a different bird, at least one thing seems certain: residents of North Paulina are likely to be woken by crowing again Tuesday morning.

Animal Control did not respond to requests from Center Square Journal for comment, or animal pickup of the second rooster, at publication.

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  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm… just like a third world village.     How quaint.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm… just like a third world village.     How quaint.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=780434863 James Phelps

    Just be grateful you don’t live in Roscoe Village (…mountain lion three summers ago) or by Belmont and the river (…alligator last summer) or that downtown Quiznos (…coyote 4 years ago).  It’s a chicken.

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