Our Second Ribfest Winner!

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Here's Ji Lee devouring her roommate's hand as she waits for the main course. Photo courtesy Ji Lee.

Ji Lee has lived in Lakeview for the past three years but has never been to Ribfest. This year is going to be her first. “It’s always something I’ve wanted to try,” she says.

She didn’t say much about Ribfest’s music, and is pretty focused on the weekend’s food lineup.

“I’ve always been a carnivore,” Ji says. “Good barbecue is hard to find so I love the idea of being able to try different types of meat.”

With an extra $30 in food and drink tickets in hand, we think our latest winner will be well sated by he choices of meat.

There’s one more drawing left! Make sure you go to our Ribfest page and enter our drawing in the top right-hand side to get your chance to win $30 in Ribfest tickets!

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