Our Final Ribfest Winner!

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, June 8, 2012

M. Angelo, posing as a blurry person in the far back, center, singing Rick Spingfield tunes at karaoke. Photo courtesy M. Angelo.

Today we round out our Ribfest drawings for $30 of free food and drink tickets and M. Angulo grabs the last brass ring!

The 26 year-old from Blue Island has never been to Ribfest before, but is excited about, “Food!” Otherwise, she’s a mysterious soul, going so far as to provide a very blurry picture of herself. Perhaps she has a secret identity as a restaurant reviewer.

In case you haven’t heard, today’s the first day of the three day food and music bacchanal, situated at the corner of Lincoln and Damen Avenues, starting at 5:00 p.m. tonight. It runs through Sunday evening, and we’ve got complete previews of food vendors and bands.

CSJ will be roaming the streets, capturing the excitement and sauce. So check back here for all your Ribfest needs!

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