Northcenter Chamber Hands Out Donation Checks From Ribfest Proceeds

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, September 28, 2012

Julie Zema (center) from Ravenswood Art Walk receives a check from the Northcenter Chamber Board and Ald. Pawar (47th) Credit: Mike Fourcher.

About thirty members of the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce gathered for lunch yesterday at the restaurant Southport & Irving to discuss local business and donate over $15,000 to neighborhood charities. Each organization earned their contribution by supplying volunteers to the Chamber’s annual Ribfest last summer.

The street festival, operated by the Chamber, requires over 500 volunteers to work at beverage tables and entrance gates, said Northcenter Associate Director Brad Ball. “Payouts are based on the number of volunteers in each shift,” said Ball. “Different shifts pay out different amounts, for instance night shifts pay more since those are harder to staff. Coonley Elementary had 70 evening shifts…so they were the biggest volunteer [contribution] recipient.

“Ribfest really is a community event and goes to underwrite local organizations and we’re happy to host it,” said Ball.

The contributions handed out to eleven organizations yesterday included:
  • Coonley Elementary School, $3,833.30
  • Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club, $2,533.27
  • Thresholds, $2,216.58
  • St. Benedict Prep School, $1,733.42
  • Lane Tech LaCrosse Boosters, $1,283.33
  • Gigi’s Playhouse, $799.96
  • Bell Elementary School, $666.64
  • St. Andrews School, $366.72
  • North Park Elementary, $266.64
  • Ravenswood Art Walk, $183.33

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  • http://www.facebook.com/celeste.morawski Celeste Morawski

    That’s great. How much did the Chamber take in? I’m sure it’s more than the approx $14,000 it donated. I used to be a board member of the Lincoln Park Chamber back in the 1980′s We put on Oz Psrk Feat and raied over $300,00. a year and that was in the 80′s We ended up donating the $$ to build a new Library on Fullerton. These fests are HUGE money makers for the hosts. Most of the $$ come from beer beer and more beer. What does the North Center Chamber do with it’s profits? Chambers are usually non profits. You have to spend the profits, they can’t be carried over. Just ask the Roscoe Vikllage Chamber about the mess it was dealing with a few years ago. So what does the Chamber so with the money? Just asking…….

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