No New News From Police On Hamlin Park Shooting

By Mike Fourcher | Saturday, October 22, 2011

A neighbor washes off fresh graffiti this morning from their home on Hoyne Ave. Credit: Mike Fourcher

The Chicago Police had no new information available today on the identity of last night’s shooter from the block of 3100 N. Hoyne Ave. near Hamlin Park, although there was fresh graffiti with gang symbols on Hoyne Ave. houses across from Hamlin Park.

Residents walking around the park this morning seemed to take the shooting in stride.

“They’re wannabes. They’re nobody. They’re just punks,” said one long-time neighbor who asked not to identified. “I don’t think they’re going to be around for a while. They’re just wannabes and they’re looking for attention.”

The fresh graffiti seemed to be from two different local gangs. Chicago Police News Affairs would not say whether or not the shooting is believed to be gang related.

Although shootings are unusual in this area of Roscoe Village, this is the second shooting near Hamlin Park in the last year. According to police data, there was another handgun assault on the block of 3000 N. Hamlin in May 2010.

The Hamlin Park Neighbors Association is hosting a meeting on Monday, October 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the New Life Church, 2958 N. Damen Ave. The meeting was scheduled before yesterday’s shooting.

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  • Anonymous

    Clearly it was gang related. MLDs also wrote “Tony Rots” mocking the death a deuce gang member and writing “Hang Out” mocking the Deuces, telling them to stop hiding and hang outside on their corner. The flipped “2″ and flipped spade meaning that they are disrespecting the Hamlin Park Deuces. Clearly its no coincidence that after this young hispanic male was shot, the Maniacs came back to add insult to injury.

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