No death threats made toward Quigley, Schakowsky

By Hunter Clauss | Thursday, March 25, 2010

A spokeswoman for Rep. Mike Quigley says no one from his office has received death threats due to the congressman?s support of the health care overhaul bill. Quigley spokeswoman Aviva Gibbs says staff members have received ?very vocal opinions? about the congressman?s vote in favor of the bill, but no one has been threatened so far.

Threats have been made toward other Democratic officials following Sunday?s House vote on the health care bill. Rep. Bart Stupak?s (D-Mich.) office received threatening phone calls and a drawing of a noose. In one call, a man tells Stupak he ?ought to fill [his] pockets with lead and jump in the Potomac.?

?It?s upsetting to hear that this has been happening to some of the other members,? Gibbs says.

Quigley originally said he would not vote for the health care bill if President Barack Obama made further concessions to appease an anti-abortion bloc of Democratic officials, which included Stupak. In the end, Obama and anti-abortion Democrats agreed on a preexisting plan that would bar federal money from being used to pay for abortions.

Isaac Brown, a legislative director for Rep. Jan Schakowsky, says the congresswoman has also not received any threats. Brown says the House Democratic Caucus met on March 24 to discuss security precautions.

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