MTV’s ‘Underemployed’ Shooting at Martyr’s

By Patty Wetli | Monday, July 2, 2012

MTV series "Underemployed" shooting at Martyr's. Credit: Courtesy Martyr's Facebook page

If you were underemployed in Chicago, wouldn’t you hang out at Martyr’s? Apparently the producers of MTV’s new Chicago-set scripted series “Underemployed” think so. The show is shooting at the Northcenter club, 3855 N. Lincoln Ave., today and tomorrow, according to Rich Moskol of the Chicago Film Office.

The pilot shot in Chicago last year and was picked up by MTV as a regular series; episodes have yet to air. Moskol describes the premise as “five friends who all graduated from college with great degrees and can’t get good jobs.”

The production will film around town through August 10, Moskol said, having already shot footage in River North, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and the West and South Sides. He anticipates two additional new series to begin filming in the city later this month, so we may not have seen the last of camera crews in our neck of the woods.

Moskol credits the recent uptick in Chicago location shoots to increased national awareness of the city, partially due to President Obama but also to well-known acts such as Wilco — “big name people you associate with Chicago.” He also notes that the city, while familiar and identifiable, isn’t as played out in terms of storytelling as New York and L.A.

“It has an identity that I think people have an opinion about,” he said. “Chicago has a rather adaptable and yet specific personality.”

In other words, we’re ready for our closeup.




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