Mount Eerie, Nicholas Krgovich and Canes & Abels to Play Berry Methodist Sept. 6

By Jason Kreke | Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lo-fi analog pioneer Mount Eerie is teaming up with Nicholas Krgovich and Chicago’s own Cains & Abels to put on a music-focused performance 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 6 at Berry Methodist United Church, 4754 N. Leavitt St., in Lincoln Square. This eclectic group of musicians will run the range from lo-fi analog to soul to rock but will have one feature in common: playing in a setting usually reserved for Sunday religious services.

Given that most bands play in clubs or bars and have to compete to be heard over crowd noise, playing at Berry Methodist will allow the band and attendees to focus only on the music, without the distractions. “The real advantage to this show is that it is in the this sanctuary,” said Matt Joynt, who is helping to promote the event. “It will be kind of quiet and intense. This show promises to be focused solely on the music.”

Musician and artist and general gadabout, Mount Eerie hails from Washington state and has long been influential in the DIY scene, incorporating various musical genres into lo-fi analog recordings. Vancouver-based Nicholas Krgovich, previously in No Kids and GIGI, is a multi-instrumentalist who plays a deconstruction of soul and hip-hop music.Chicago’s Cains & Abels are a bit alt country meets Neil Young with a touch of straight rock’n’roll. The Chicago-based band is comprised of David Sampson, Josh Ippel, and Jonathan Dawe.

The eclectic choice of a church for the concert demonstrates the general focus on music, performance and art each of these bands has. The sometimes ornate and often multilayered music that each of these musicians provides should be amplified by the acoustics and surroundings of Berry Methodist, providing natural amplification that should allow listeners to pick up on different tones and sounds not readily noticeable in a typical club or bar.

“The space will play a kind of role in the performance,” said Joynt. “The artists will be forced to use the surroundings.”

Part of the ambiance will also derive from a live broadcast of the concert to remote locations that haven’t yet been disclosed. “This will give extra gravity to the performance Joynt said. “It will help put an added focus on the music. We are putting this show on because we love the music.”

You can purchase tickets at music story Logan Hardware, 2410 W. Fullerton Ave., and at brownpapertickets.com

Learn more about the bands here:

Mount Eerie (Anacortes, WA - http://www.pwelverumandsun.com/)
Nicholas Krgovich (Vancouver, B.C. – No Kids, GIGI - http://nicholaskrgovich.tumblr.com/)
Cains & Abels (Chicago, IL - http://www.positivebeat.net/band/3)

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