Mother Nature Smiles on Rock Around the Block

By Patty Wetli | Monday, July 9, 2012

Rock Around the Block brought out two-legged and four-legged festivalgoers. Credit: Patty Wetli

With Chicagoans holed up inside anything with air conditioning during last week’s heat wave, Rock Around the Block, scheduled for July 7-8, looked doomed. Hanging out on the sweltering asphalt in 100-degree heat — even while drinking a beer — was likely to hold little appeal for anyone but the most stalwart festival fan.

And then the winds shifted. A breeze kicked up, humidity tailed off and the temperatures took a nose dive from miserable to comfortable in a matter of hours. Just like that, the festival was saved.

RVJ spotted a number of families out and about at RATB on Sunday afternoon, with the laid-back crowd proving that fests are capable of attracting more than drunken fools. Organizers appeared to have made good on a number of promises to business owners whose shops lined the RATB site, which stretched along Lincoln Avenue from Belmont to Roscoe: signage indicated that all shops were open, Dinkel’s customers received preferential parking, and New England Seafood Company was serving up shrimp from its very own booth.



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