‘Mob Doctor’ Filming in Roscoe Village, ‘Chicago Fire’ Casting Extras

By Patty Wetli | Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cast of "Chicago Fire." Credit: Courtesy NBC website

Apparently the latest twist on the medical/legal/police/fire drama is to set the show in Chicago. Freshmen series Mob Doctor and Chicago Fire (the show, not the soccer team) have been filming around town this summer, with the Mob Doctor cast and crew setting up camp in the Roscoe Village area through Wednesday, Aug. 8.

You’ve gotta hand it to whomever cooked up the premise for Mob Doctor (premieres Sept. 17 on FOX)– it’s certainly original: young female surgeon juggles a budding medical career with her family’s debt to Chicago’s mob. The series’ star, Jordan Spiro, also had top billing in the Chicago-set My Boys, which was shot almost entirely in L.A.

If you’d like to get in on the action, as opposed to gaping at the sets from afar, NBC’s Chicago Fire (premieres Oct. 10) has a Facebook page that announces casting calls for extras. Recent opportunities included filming an Irish pub scene and a call for extras willing to bring along their bike or dog. Promise you’ll remember us when you hit the big time.

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  • Aaron Berlin

    A week or two ago, something was filming on a residential street just north of the Paulina brown line stop – one of these, I imagine?

    • pattyw

      Quite possibly. An MTV series, “Underemployed,” was also recently shooting on the North Side.

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