Mayor Daley Brings Farewell Tour to 40th Ward

By Patty Wetli | Friday, April 15, 2011

Mayor Daley is touring all 50 wards to say farewell to his kingdom. Photo by Brad Bretz.

Fittingly for a man who kept many of his dealings under wraps, the schedule for Mayor Daley’s farewell tour of the city’s 50 wards is being treated like a state secret.

Center Square Journal has learned that after last weekend’s visit to the 44th Ward, Da Mayor now has his sites set on saying adios to the 40th (recently named of one of the “dumbest” wards in the city—a reflection on the district’s boundaries, not its residents).

He’ll be at Mather High School, 5835 N. Lincoln, on Saturday, April 16, at 9:30 a.m. Alderman Patrick O’Connor will also attend.

A huge proponent of green initiatives, the mayor should appreciate the efforts of the Peterson Garden Project, which is calling on volunteers to help plant flowers at Mather in advance of the visit.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll never forgive him for the LAZ deal.

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