Mayor Daley Bids Farewell to 44th Ward

By Stacy Jeziorowski with photos by Brad Bretz | Monday, April 11, 2011

From left to right, Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) Cong. Mike Quigley (D-5) and Mayor Richard M. Daley greet the crowds. Photo by Brad Bretz.

The sun started to break through the overcast skies Saturday just as Mayor Richard M. Daley arrived at Sheil Park, 3505 N. Southport Avenue, as part of his 50-ward farewell tour.

Mayor Daley stepped up to the podium to address the ward, accompanied by 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney, Congressman Mike Quigley and representatives from the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, Sheil Park, the Chicago Police Department and the Special Service Areas.

Mayor Daley visited Lakeview Saturday as part of his farewell tour. Photo by Brad Bretz.

As Daley thanked those whom he worked with closely during his mayorship, he and Alderman Tunney touched on the achievements of their partnership, including, education, the lakefront beautification initiative and the transformation of the LBGT community as an important part of Lakeview.

However, the theme that weaved throughout the event, from introductory remarks through closing statements was open space and the Lakeview Area Master Plan.

“I really believe in open space…to me whether it’s trees or flowers or any type of open space that we can gather in our city to do that and the Park District is doing that, said Daley. “The key is more and more open space for the city. It doesn’t matter how small it is.”

Mayor Daley laughs as Lakeview Chamber director Heather Way presents him with a digital copy of the LAMP plans. Photo by Brad Bretz.

Heather Way, Executive Director for the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, took the podium and thanked Daley for serving as part of the inspiration for LAMP.

“Mayor Daley, your vision and your passion for Chicago and community development is awe inspiring and continues to inspire us and the community every day and every week,” said Way. “We want to continue your legacy and vision for Chicago.  “LAMP… was inspired by your vision for continuing to build vibrant communities across the city.”

Daley chucked as Way provided him with a small pouch containing the LAMP plan on a jump drive.  Way explained that as part of the sustainability initiative, the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and the SSA 27 chose not to print the plan on paper. “There’s big vision on that little jump drive,” said Way.

After the event, Way spoke to Roscoe View Journal about what an honor it was to present the mayor with that copy of LAMP.  “It was like a dream come true to actually put the plan in his hand and be able to communicate that we share his vision for the City of Chicago and that we hope to continue his legacy moving forward.”

To read more about how the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and SSA 27 are working to continue Daley’s legacy and for more information, visit thisislakeview.com.

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