Lycee Français Goes To Zoning Committee Without Pawar Approval

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Part of the old Ravenswood Hospital site. This building would be demolished as part of the proposed Lycee Francais plan. Credit: Erin Nekervis.

The Chicago City Council Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards is set to consider a proposed rezoning of the old Ravenswood Hospital site, 4550 N. Winchester Ave., on Thursday morning. Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th) says he has not been consulted on the project by the committee chairman or even met with Lycee Francais, the group proposing to renovate the property.

“I haven’t done anything [on this project],” said Pawar, “but thought, huh, this is on the agenda.” Pawar said he plans to talk to Zoning Committee Chairman, Ald. Daniel Solis (25th) today about the matter.

In addition, legal filings from Lycee Français for the zoning change, the first to be provided for any sort of public consideration, show that the school plans to demolish only the building on Wilson but keep the existing medical office building, parking structure and 12-story apartment building on Sunnyside. The surface parking lot in the center of the site would be converted into a soccer field.

According to plans submitted by Lycee Français, the new school building on Wilson would be an eight-story building. The site would also include a new private drive cutting from Sunnyside to Wilson, to be used as a drop-off point for the school building. [see page 85 of the attached pdf at the bottom of this page].

Lycee Francais Zoning Filing

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  • Anonymous

    OK, Pawar denies meeting with the school. Yet two days earlier, he said he met with the school (http://www.centersquarejournal.com/news/big-news/lycee-francais-coming-to-old-ravenswood-hospital-site). Either he did meet with the school, or he didn’t. Is this guy capable of telling the truth?

    • Anonymous

      ChiGuy4, I’ll ask Ald. Pawar to clarify the difference between the statements. But let me say this in his defense: He’s been in office for one week, and during that time there has been a hurricane of activity.

      Ease up on the guy and stay off the “liar” accusations until he’s gotten his feet wet. That kind of hyperbole will get you banned from comments.

      • Rudypeev

        So what was the final word from Pawar?

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  • Anonymous

    I miss Schulter already. 
    “Ease up on the guy and stay off the “liar” accusations until he’s gotten his feet wet. That kind of hyperbole will get you banned from comments. “ 
    Wow, I did not know CenterSquare was emulating Fox News.  Here I thought CSJ was cool.  The fact is so far two major developments (ravenswood metra) are in danger now without a strong Alderman to push things through.  I hope I am wrong and Pawar shows us he is more than the progressive talk that got him into office. 

  • Anonymous

    @LS_Dude, you can go visit Schulter anytime, just make sure he or one of his neighbors gives you a parking pass in you park on his block. 

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