LSC Candidates Invited To Participate In Elections Page

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update: April 9, 2010 – The candidate submittal page was not working properly until this morning. It is now working and can take submissions.

Bell Elementary

Bell Elementary. Photo by ELO.

Chicago Public Schools hold elections for Local School Councils on April 21 and 22 – parents of students and community members are all eligible to vote.

To help you prepare for these elections, The Center Square Journal is assembling an LSC Elections Guide of LSC candidates from Lake View, Lane Tech, Amundsen and Roosevelt High Schools, as well as Bell, Budlong, Chappell, Coonley, Haugan, McPherson, Ravenswood and Waters Elementary schools.

The guide will be launched on Wednesday, April 14. Candidates are invited to complete our Candidate Form today.

As Chicago’s public schools struggle with tremendous budget issues and as Coonley and Bell Elementary schools are preparing to hire new principals, the next group of LSC members will deal with important issues. Historically, LSC Elections also have low turnout, so your vote can make a big impact on your local school’s future.

157 candidates have filed to run for 124 LSC positions.

We have also mailed notices of our new page to every candidate for schools in the Center Square area.


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  • Fred

    OK, I’ve never voted in an LSC election. How do I do it? Who can vote? Where do you vote?

    P.S. Coonley already chose a new principal.

  • Hunter Clauss

    Hey Fred,

    According to CPS’s local school council election guide, all parents, legal guardians, and temporary custodians can vote at any school where their child is enrolled. So if you have a kid going to Coonley, you get to vote there. If you’re a community resident who is older than 18, you get to vote at any school that includes your residence in its attendance area or if the school has an “established voting district.”

    When you arrive at your polling place, you have to present two forms of ID. There is no absentee voting, proxy voting, or write-in voting.

    Here’s a PDF of the election guide.


    Thanks for the comment.


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