Looking For A Puppy? Here’s Your Connection This Weekend

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The dozen newborn puppies. Credit: Tom Daniels.

Looking for a puppy? Tom Daniels, proprietor of Sam & Willy’s Bow And Meow Boutique, 3405 N. Paulina Ave., sent along this story:

“A dog lover extraordinaire and friend of mine, Kelly, periodically rescues dogs from the Gary, Indiana pound and helps them find new homes. The Gary pound is notorious for dealing with their stray dogs in a most horrific way and Kelly does whatever she can can do to save any of those dogs.

In May she rescued Lucy, a shepherd mix that had those sad eyes that you can’t turn from when they lock on you.

After taking Lucy to the vet for a check-up, she was told some unbelievable news. Lucy was pregnant with up to 6 puppies.

Ok, Kelly thought, no problem, she could handle it. Well those puppies were born, Kelly assisted Lucy with the birth of all of the puppies nine weeks ago. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 12 beautiful puppies were born!

Now Kelly’s act of kindness of saving 1 dog has turned into 13 acts. Saving 1 dog and finding homes for those 12 incredibly cute puppies.

She could use some help getting the word out and helping find appropriate homes for those puppies. There is a meet & greet event this Saturday, August 13th from 12-3 at Sam & Willy’s pet store in West Lakeview for anyone interested in taking a peek at all of the puppies.”

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