Local Magazine Hosts Town Hall on Sustainability

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mindful Metropolis

Mindful Metropolis is a locally focused Chicago magazine that explores real, actionable ways to live sustainably and more green. (Kind of like Martha Stewart Living, but green—and less consumerist.)

Tonight they are hosting their first Town Hall, at Flourish Studios, 3020 N. Lincoln Ave., inviting readers and interested folks to meet the magazine staff, ask questions, and make suggestions as to what topics the magazine should cover.

In a unique twist, a large portion of the magazine’s revenues don’t come from advertising, but instead from educational events and seminars held around the city. Tonight’s Town Hall is not free but part of the magazine’s Mindful Citizen Membership Program, which costs $24 per year and, according to publish Richard McGinnis, provides, “great perks, invitations to great events, and boasting rights that you truly support local, independent media packed with meaningful content.”

If you’ve wanted to get more involved with “green” stuff and sustainable living, tonight’s Mindful Metropolis Town Hall is a good place to start.

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  • http://www.mindfulmetropolis.com Richard

    I don’t know when the last time was that I was compared to Martha Stewart! How fabulous is that?! Thanks for the pitch… very much appreciated. ;-)

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