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By Stacy Jeziorowski | Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo from Todd Carey's Facebook page.

Acoustic pop-rock musician Todd Carey came onto Roscoe View Journal’s radar when Schubas announced his January residency, of which just one date remains. This week, Todd talked to RVJ about his Scubas residency, his local roots and his upcoming musical plans.

Carey released his first and little-known album Elevate in 2003 followed by Revolving World in 2004. Watching Waiting, released in 2007, and its subsequent tour established Carey on the music scene, especially on college campuses. Carey topped the iTunes charts at #26 when his latest EP After the Morning After was released in 2010.

RJV: Why did you choose to do your residency at Schubas?

TC: Schubas was always my dream club to play in. It is a nationally prestigious club that has been known for a long time as the best venue. It’s a local scene with a great area of talent. I don’t want to just put out albums every two years. The Schubas residency, when I was invited to do it, was an incredible opportunity to move forward in [trying out new music]. This is giving me the opportunity to meet my goals as an artist. I’ve had a lot of residency offers but not from a place as great as Schubas. It’s the perfect time early in the year to do a residency. I’ve been recording songs in the ‘burbs and the great part about the residency is I get a chance to see if the songs work.

RVJ:  Where did you live down in Lakeview?

TC:  Well, I lived in Lakeview at Sheffield and Diversey.  I wrote “Ain’t Got Love” there, I wrote “Watching Waiting” there. All of that stuff. Well I have to be honest, “Ain’t Got Love” and “Watching Waiting” were written in Northern Wisconsin, but all of the songs for the Watching Waiting album were written in that 500-square-foot apartment. I was just out of college…I would go out and write and record songs there.  Then I moved up to [Lincoln Square] by Western and Berteau. That’s where I wrote a lot of the songs, “Gotta Be Next to You” and the songs for the EP. Well, there and Brooklyn.

RVJ:  What’s your favorite song to perform on stage?

TC:  Right now, you know what it changes. Right now I’m working on a song called “Begin” and it’s probably going to be my new single.

RVJ:  Is that the secret winter single?

TC:  No, the only way you can get the secret single is by going to the show. It won’t be released on any other album.

RVJ:  Are you working on another album?

TC:  I think next it’s going to be a single and then another EP. Like I said before, I don’t want to be putting albums out every two years.

RVJ:  Tell everyone why they should come to Schubas to see you.

TC:  I think we bring something to Chicago. We’re so tied into Chicago and we love it so much. Our roots are about Chicago. I think if you are a North Sider Chicagoan you’re really going to like it.

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