Local Creates Online System To Game Sweepstakes Odds

By Mike Fourcher | Monday, November 14, 2011

Lincoln Square resident Jason Moore had heard from friends in the business that most sweepstakes contests have surprisingly low odds, but it wasn’t until he won an all-expenses paid trip to Fiji that he begin to believe it. Thus came the creation of OneSweeps.com.

A friend, “worked for a sports marketing company that ran sweepstakes and he said you’d be surprised how few people enter these,” says Moore.

Moore thought that since so few people enter the contests, he should create a website that makes it easy for folks to find the plethora of sweepstakes contests conducted every day. With a central location to find them, it seemed to Moore that people could radically increase their odds of winning something eventually.

Since September Moore has culled the internet for contests. He posts details and a link to a new sweepstakes contest every weekday, or you can get a new contest emailed to you directly. Sweepstakers who click through the links are redirected to a contest entry form. Where entrants are usually required to completing just the form form. No money required, just your contact information, and then you’re entered.

Most OneSweeps’ contests are travel related, but some offer up a chance to win a new car or a room makeover. Another offers a walk-on role for a tv show. Considering that you don’t have to buy anything, OneSweeps offers pretty juicy stuff if you don’t mind forking over your street address and email to a faceless marketing company. But then again, it seems like a pretty efficient way to keep entering until you win something doesn’t it?

Moore says he hasn’t been linked to a winner just yet. “A lot of the ones I was posting, the drawing hasn’t happened yet. Most of them are in late November, late December. I haven’t heard of anyone that’s won yet. But I’m definitely pulling for that.”

So for now Moore is treating OneSweeps.com as an interesting side project. If enough people get addicted to sweepstakes entries, maybe one day it’ll become a full-time job.

To get you hooked, this week Moore says he’ll be posting the best entry yet. “It’s through the Travel Channel, they are claiming it will be the ultimate fantasy vacation. The Travel Channel will take polls of their audience to find the best travel spots in the world. The value will be up to $35k, with multiple stops around the world.”

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