Little Green Baby and Knit1 To Change Owners

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Green Baby. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

Two Center Square businesses are changing owners in an effort to avert previously announced plans to close shop.

Little Green Baby, the eco-friendly children’s boutique at 4654 N. Rockwell, was sold in March to former realtor and Bucktown resident Kim Sledgister after previous owner Kim Gayeski’s announced plans to close the store.

“[The store purchase] was definitely a change I was looking for and right up my alley,” said Sledgister, who has two children under the age of 3. She said she is?making plans to open on Earth Day, April 22.

Meanwhile, Knit1, the knitting shop at 3823 N Lincoln Ave., has been sold to store employee and Lincoln Square resident Lynn Coe, who plans to reopen the store on May 1.

Knit1 knitting store. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

The previous owner, Karen Clements, had announced on her store blog in January that she planned to close her store and move out of state to care for a sick family member.

New store owner Coe was an employee at Knit1 for four years while also holding down a seasonal job as a professional downhill skiing coach. Coe said she had “no idea” how to keep coaching and owning a store, but she believes her tight-knit community will help out.

“There’s a whole knitting community here in Chicago,” said Coe. “Part of it is making knitted objects but part of it is a community that appreciates making things.”

Coe said she plans to change a few things with the store, such as offering “green” fibers and to “build up the classes so people have ample opportunity to learn.”

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