Lincoln Square-Ravenswood Chamber Offering Incentive To Shop Locally For Holidays

By Sam Charles | Thursday, November 29, 2012

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The Lincoln Square-Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is using the holiday spirit to help drum up revenue for local businesses, and holiday shoppers have more incentive than usual this year to shop local.

The Chamber is offering $50 gift certificates for several area restaurants to the first 150 shoppers who spend $300 or more at a minimum of three business, with at least $25 spent at each business, between Foster Ave., Montrose Ave., Ashland Ave. and The River.

Shoppers who spend the required amount must first obtain a photocopy of the receipts and drop them off or mail them to the chamber’s office, located at 4732 N. Lincoln Ave. Suite 8. Those who submit their receipt copies must also supply contact information, including name, address, email and ZIP code. Shoppers can email scanned copies of their receipts to the chamber, as well.

“There’s a wide variety of restaurants in the area that we’ve purchased gift certificates from,” said Rudy Flores, the soon-to-be executive director of the Lincoln Square-Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce. “From our higher end restaurants like Bistro Campagne to Pizza D.O.C. to Rockwell’s.”

The idea stemmed from a similar program set up by nearby chambers of commerce in Lakeview, Flores said.

“It’s kind of a mixture of being part of Unwrap Chicago campaign and their efforts throughout the city and kind of looking at what other partners in that campaign have been doing,” Flores said. “Both Lakeview and East Lakeview [chambers of commerce] have similar types of programs that seem to be successful for them and really promote the whole idea of shopping in your local community, so we kind of looked to them as the poster child of doing it first.”

Unwrap Chicago is a city-wide campaign to encourage citizens to shop within their own communities to help their local economies.

Flores estimated that approximately a dozen of the gift certificates have been claimed already, and that number will steadily rise as the holiday shopping season progresses.

“I definitely think so,” Flores said. “The promotion started on Black Friday and it runs through Christmas Eve and we’re allowing people to turn in their receipts until Friday Jan. 11.”

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