Lawrence Avenue in Search of Identity

By Patty Wetli | Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CDOT is considering options for the Lawrence Avenue Streetscape community identifiers. Credit: Courtesy of CDOT

Though ground hasn’t yet been broken on the Lawrence Avenue Streetscape, the Chicago Department of Transportation and 47th Ward Office are already reviewing proposals for the project’s finishing touch: community identifiers.

These markers, planned for the east and west ends of the streetscape, will serve as gateways to the spruced-up stretch of Lawrence. “It’s a way to show what the area’s known for or what it’s going to be known for,” says Ernie Constantino, director of constituent services for the 47th Ward.

CDOT presented a greatest hits of past efforts in neighborhoods ranging from Hegewisch to Old Town, Oak Park to Mayfair. And let’s not forget those rocket ships that welcome folks to Northalsted.

Community stakeholders were given the opportunity to study several concepts for Lawrence Avenue, ranging from pole-mounted to vertical columns, and provide feedback. The biggest challenge, according to Constantino, is that the gateways will be spaced along the avenue from Lincoln Square to Ravenswood. “There’s no cohesive identity in terms of neighborhood,” he says.

Might we suggest “the new Armitage.”

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  • Donna Martin

    really? can we just -not- have markers?

  • jeffrey olson

    Really about the Really? Do we really need people still saying Really?
    Its a modern word usage that is REALLY irritating. More irritating
    that street sign markers BY FAR.

  • http://profiles.google.com/davidstmichael David St. Michael

    Well, this is Ravenswood. Any reason to not run with that theme? Especially once you head east from Oakley Ave., Lawrence becomes a whole different experience. I say, start at Oakley and place them eastward. Oh, and how about Lincoln Square actually living up to it’s name? You know. More Lincoln stuff? I swear this would be brilliant.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QVDONMKZAPS7JYV4FDOOSN6N5E big D

    I very much agree with Donna’s simple and concise comment. I have grown weary of public streetscaping attempting to “brand” our neighborhoods and either attempt to freeze frame them as they are or steam roll them into what others would have them become.

    Just repair the damn streets and sewers, replace the sidewalks, put in new light fixtures, plant trees that will survive, and let the local businesses & housing in the corridor speak for themselves.

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