Laurie’s Planet of Sound Hosts In-Store Series

By Monte LaMonte | Thursday, August 5, 2010

Laurie's Planet of Sound. Photo by Hunter Clauss.

If you’re not already in the know, Laurie’s Planet of Sound (4639 N. Lincoln Ave) is a neighborhood music store that sells new/used records and CDs (and, if I may editorialize, it’s one of the cooler music shops in the city). Besides being a great place to find everything from Slayer to G.G. Allin to the newest indie rock band, plus a ton of awesome used music for a great price, Laurie’s now has bands playing in-store!

If you?ve been inside the store before, you’re probably wondering, WHERE DO THE BANDS PLAY? In the back corner, in a space that?s about 5 x 8(about the same amount of space you get at a self-storage facility), that’s where! But here the space is used to ROCK! Every Thursday evening since July (times vary), bands of all sorts—metal acts, singer/songwriters—have been performing at Laurie’s, and the in-stores continue through August.

The series was started by Melissa Geils, a manager at Laurie’s, when her friends in the band The Maybenauts wanted to do a show at the store for the release of their new CD. Originally, they wanted to perform outside, but the neighbors weren?t having it so they took it inside. The in-stores have been a success ever since.

There are some great bands coming up each Thursday in August?a little something for everyone. I checked them all out on the Internet and genuinely like them all. I especially dig Detholz! (playing next Thursday, August 12), and as a metalhead, I was looking forward to tonight’s performance by Chicago Thrash Ensemble. Unfortunately, the band had to cancel, but hopefully they’ll reschedule soon.

Judson Claiborne plays on August 19, and The Pawns (the masterminds of this very white rap) stop by on August 26. Laurie’s blog says “feel free to bring your own refreshing beverage to enjoy.” The in-store concerts are free.

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