‘Keeping It Real’ Workshop: Get Burglary Prevention Tips From Actual Burglars

By Laura Pearson | Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicago Alternative Policing Strategies.

In an effort to encourage burglary prevention, the 19th District is calling upon “experts” for their “Keeping It Real” Burglary Workshop.

At this special CAPS event, some individuals who’ve actually been caught for burglary talk about how and why they burglarize—from slipping past security systems to what kind of items they’ve taken. This workshop is a condition of the burglars’ punishment, as well as an eye-opening event for the community.

The Burglary Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 22, at the 19th District Auditorium (2452 W. Belmont). For more info., contact the 19th District Community Policing Office (312) 744-5574 or email CAPS.

We recently reported on upcoming CAPS meetings in the area. Be sure to see where your beat is meeting in September.

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