Jefferson Pumping Station Under Construction

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Jefferson Pumping Station construction. Credit: Mike Fourcher

A $3.9 million project is underway at the Jefferson Pumping Station, on the block of 2200 W. Eastwood, Chicago, Ill. The project, which is about 25 percent complete, will improve water pressure in the CenterSquare neighborhood, according to Chicago Department of Water Management spokesman Tom Laporte. 

“We’re building an addition to house variable frequency drives to better regulate the pressure in distribution mains,” Laporte said. The project is expected to be finished in Fall 2010.

47th Ward Alderman Schulter’s office reports that there will be parking restrictions on the block until the end of the week. After that, there will be parking restrictions only directly in front of the construction site.

The Jefferson station is one of 12 pumping stations throughout the city. The addition of new pumps is part of regular upgrades, “which we do as appropriate,” says Laporte.

Variable frequency drive pumps are an energy efficiency measure. According to the California Energy Commission, “Energy savings from variable-frequency drives can be significant….Variable-frequency drives can reduce a pump’s energy use by as much as 50%.”

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