How to Recycle Christmas Trees and Lights

By Samantha Abernethy | Monday, December 27, 2010

Photo by Katie Bijak.

Well, as my grandfather says, “It’s all over but the shouting.” Another Christmas has come to a close.

And if you got a real tree this year, you probably have some dry needles sticking to your feet by now. So what should you do with it?

Well the city has created a holiday tree recycling program with drop-off points around the city. The trees will be chipped up into mulch. Participating locations include Portage Park at 4100 N. Long Ave. See the City of Chicago website for a full list, and call the Department of Environment at 312-744-7606 if you have questions. The program continues through Jan. 17.

And do you have Christmas lights to retire, too? If one light goes out, they all go out. You can recycle those, too, through Jan. 18. There is a full list of locations on the city’s website, including North Community Bank at 5235 N. Western Ave.

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