Horner Park Advisory Council Considering Dog-Friendly Area

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Credit: Flickr/idntfd.

The Horner Park Advisory Council (HPAC) is looking for your input on whether they should create a dog-friendly area in Horner Park, 2742 W. Montrose Ave. You can obtain a copy of the survey here.

“Over the last few months some neighbors asked us about the possibility of a DFA in Horner Park, and some people volunteered to do this initial investigation,” said HPAC President Peter Schlossman. ”We really haven’t chosen a site, determined a size or tried to price the project yet because we don’t know if there’s enough support for it. The survey will give us an idea of how far to take the idea.”

The Chicago Park District currently has 18 dog-friendly areas in Chicago, with most of them in denser neighborhoods. The closest dog-friendly areas to Center Square are at Montrose Beach and Foster Beach.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     A very enthusiastic YES (as long as it’s a good size DFA, not a teeny one like Hamlin).

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  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think this is a very good idea. Right now dogs can walk all round the park and get exertcised. If there is a dog area they will be restricted to a cement surface which is small and cramped. I know which one I would prefer if I was a dog.Or a dog owner. Most owners I know are very good about picking up after their dogs and keeping them leashed. In fact the only down side right now fo Horner park is ALL THE GARBAGE people leave on weekends, including broken glass and human waste!

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  • Steve D

    NO – why destroy the natural beauty of Horner Park by installing 1.8 acres of astrotuf surrounded by a fence. I have been walking my dog there everyday for 12 years now. It’s 55 acres – plenty of room for dog owners to stay clear of people who don’t like dogs. There is no practical use for a dog park at Horner.

  • john b.

    I say no its all ready dog friendly. why should we confine all these dogs in one place, and listen too all that barking in one area of the park.

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