Hollywood Manor? New TV Show Filming on Rockwell

By Patty Wetli and Mike Fourcher | Thursday, March 24, 2011

Camera crews stage a fire along Rockwell for the new television show, "Cooper and Stone." Photo by Patty Wetli.

Residents of Ravenswood Manor are used to being in the spotlight, what with Blago living in the hood. But it’s hard to act blasé when Hollywood comes calling.

A strip of Rockwell, between Wilson and Montrose, was blocked off for filming on Wednesday, wreaking havoc on evening rush hour traffic. The cop cars, police tape and fire trucks had locals guessing “Chicago Code” was behind all the hoopla, but security guards told us otherwise.

The show is “Cooper and Stone,” a pilot for CBS/The CW, according to production assistants on the scene.

The storyline, according to IMDB: About two smart young female detectives on Chicago’s North Side who are best friends, equally adept at discussing fashion, music, pop culture as they are solving homicides. We’re thinking a more appropriate title would be “Sex and Murder in the Second City.”

Even better, a teamster on the crew described it a bit more vividly, “It’s two girls who are cops. They’re both kinda hot but also tough. You know, your basic cop show.”

Sounds like it’s on the fast track to television success.

One of the stars is Alexandra Breckenridge, best known for appearing in HBO’s “True Blood” as Daisy the Wiccan. The other is Vanessa Ferlito, who played Detective Aiden Burn on “CSI: NY” from 2004 to 2006.

Not everyone was star struck. “Go back to L.A.,” one resident complained.

The show is shooting scenes in Chicago through Thursday evening and will wrap up on Rockwell Street by Friday morning.

When you launch the show, CBS, be sure to invite the neighborhood news site, OK?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/david.b.gleason David B. Gleason

    This was in Ravenswood Gardens, not Ravenswood Manor, which is on the other side of the river.

  • Anonymous

    “This was in Ravenswood Gardens, not Ravenswood Manor, which is on the other side of the river.”

    I second that.

    Get your nondescript convoluted archaic political real estate marketed sub categorized neighborhoods correct ! ; )

    • Anonymous

      I was talking to someone who lives by Foster and Ravenswood Ave., and I asked them what neighborhood they call it. He said, we call it Bowmanville, but if you don’t live around here, you call it Ravenswood. And if you’re selling real estate, it’s West Andersonville.

      By the way, the city’s official boundaries of the Lincoln Square community area extend all the way to the river, and north to include Budlong Woods. There are a gazillion ways to define it.

  • Anonymous

    I changed the name of the neighborhood probably 7 times before I settled on calling it Ravenswood Manor. A lot of people outside our area don’t know what Ravenswood Gardens is–I’m not quite clear on the boundaries myself–and I figured those Manor folks were probably affected second-most.

    Close enough?

  • http://spudart.org spudart

    “wreaking havoc on evening rush hour traffic” lol. C’mon. This is Rockwell Street.

  • Anonymous

    Another cop show: Came to the right neighborhood for crime? Joe Lake, Chicago

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