Holiday Dinner Plans? Here’s the Failed Food Inspections of 2012

By Sam Charles | Monday, December 24, 2012

Since the start of the year, more than 100 bars, restaurants, bakeries and other food-based businesses in the coverage areas of both Roscoe View Journal and Center Square Journal have failed a food inspection conducted by the city.

Sixty-two businesses in CSJ and 54 in RVJ were cited for not meeting city health standards. A list can be found at the bottom of this article.

In the Chicago Department of Public Health reports, recently added to the city’s data portal, inspectors cited which area of the city’s health code a business was violating, then a specific description of the violation. Some of the violations included:

  • Sanitizing rinse for equipment and utensils: clean, proper temperature, concentration, exposure time. Comments: “We observed employee operation dish washing machine without sanitizer, sanitizer container is empty at time of inspection. No sanitizer on premises.”
  • Hands washed and cleaned, good hygienic practices; Bare hand contact with ready to eat food minimized. Comments: “Observed poor hygienic practices, one food handler washed him hands in [sic] 3Part sink, and another food handler washed his inside a prep sink. Instructed, hands must be washed inside exposed hand sink with warm water and soap. The washing of hands inside a utensil-washing sink is prohibited.”
  • Facilities to maintain proper temperature. Comments: “All food establishments that display, prepare, or store potentially hazardous food shall have adequate refrigerated food storage facilities. Facility not maintaining proper temperature; Observed kitchen two doors prep reach in cooler at 58.8-degrees Fahrenheit, inadequate food protection. Instructed to repair unit and keep at 40-degrees Fahrenheit or below.”

According to the Chicago Department of Public Health, there are several levels of citations. The department issues a time frame for each violation based on the severity.

You can obtain a full list of all health code violations here.

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