Help Wanted: Election Judges Needed for March 20 Primary

By Patty Wetli | Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elections judges needed for March 20 primary. Credit: Flickr/hjl

As if election officials weren’t having enough trouble rustling up voter interest in the March 20 primary, now comes word that they’re short on judges too. In the 32nd Ward alone, 90 additional volunteers are still needed to keep the polls running, in the event anyone shows up to cast a ballot.

Judges are responsible for: opening the polling place and setting up election equipment at 5 a.m. (democracy, apparently, sleeps for no one); ensuring a fair and impartial voting atmosphere; and tabulating vote totals and transmitting them to Election Central. Unlike more glamorous judging panels, you do not get a space-age swivel chair or a seat next to Jennifer Lopez, but you will earn 170 bucks.

If this sounds like a hoot, or your civic duty, contact the Board of Elections at 312.269.0265 or visit the BoE offices at 69 W. Washington St., 6th Floor. If you’re specifically interested in serving as a judge in the 32nd Ward, ask for Julie at 312.269.7868.

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