Half Acre Beer Co. Taproom: Soft Openings Underway

By Sam Charles | Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Half Acre Beer Co. President Gabriel Magliaro during one of the weekly brewery tours. Credit: Mike Fourcher

Northcenter’s Half Acre Beer Co. is further solidifying its place in Chicago’s brewery community.

The brewery has been granted its tavern license by the City and is in the process of going through a few soft openings of its new taproom. An official public opening date has yet to be set, according to Half Acre president, Gabriel Magliaro. When the taproom does open, however, Magliaro expects it to help the company cultivate an even deeper relationship with its patrons.

“This space brings a lot of things together for us,” Magliaro said. “We’ve been selling beer out of distribution for about five years and selling beer out of our store for a little over three years, so this space really allows us to host people for the first time on an ongoing basis.”

Construction on the 1,300 square foot taproom began about six months ago.

The current round of soft openings feature private events that will serve as a chance for the staff to become acclimated with the dimensions of the new space so they will feel comfortable once it opens to the public.

The taproom will not serve as a bar or restaurant, but rather a place for patrons to visit and purchase drafts from a selection from 10 beers that are “always alternating,” with “ongoing changes perpetually,” Magliaro said.

“This space is an opportunity to come here and get beers directly at the source, sit down and drink beer,” he added. “The brewery taproom is something in and of itself.”

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