Get a New “Life” at Marbles Spring Cleaning Event

By Patty Wetli | Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trade your Sorry old games for new ones at Marbles.

You’ve bought up every property in Monopoly, memorized every answer to Trivial Pursuit and solved every conceivable crime in Clue (Colonel Mustard, in the Conservatory, with the lead pipe — again).

It’s time to update your board games.

On Saturday, May 14, Marbles: The Brain Store (4745 N. Lincoln) will take your old Life, and give you a discount on a new one. At the store’s Spring Cleaning Event, for each played-out game you donate, you’ll receive 1 percent off your next game. Bring in 20 old games and take 20 percent off all your new items.

No Risk involved: Marbles will donate your used games to Teach for America.

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