Gaztro-Wagon Is On a Roll

By Rachael Judd | Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gaztro-Wagon at Western and Sunnyside. Photo by Rachael Judd.

Looking for dinner tonight? Look no further than Gaztro-Wagon! The mobile food truck offers a variety of “naanwiches” (fresh flat bread stuffed with various ingredients) and is scheduled to stop by the Ravenswood Metra Station for dinner this evening.

On July 28 the Chicago Food Truck Ordinance was proposed to City Council and given approval to go forward to committee for final vote later this year. One of the major proponents of this ordinance is Matt Maroni, chef and owner of the truck, as well as an Edgewater store, also called Gaztro-Wagon (5973 N. Clark Street).

With a temporary permit in hand, Maroni has been driving Gaztro-Wagon around the city over the last month, selling naanwiches and creating quite a buzz. Center Square Journal met up with Maroni and the Wagon (which he affectionately calls Dorothy) at the intersection of Western and Sunnyside avenues, where we enjoyed a Wild Boar Belly Naanwich (which came with fennel, olives, yogurt, and shaved red onion).

The proposed legislation states that any truck has to be 100 feet away from any food establishment and 200 feet from any fellow vendor. So far this has posed minimal problems for Gaztro-Wagon, although Maroni says they’ve have been asked to move on a couple of “occasions” and have willingly obliged.

As for making visits to the North Side, Maroni says, “Ravenswood has been a great stop for us and we hope to be there two or three times a week.” When it rolls into the neighborhood, watch for the Wagon during the 5 o’clock hour around the Ravenswood Metra Station and during lunchtime in the same 4700 block of Ravenswood. But before you head out for a naanwich, check the Gaztro-Wagon Twitter, which gives you the most up-to-date info. about the truck’s location and schedule (since plans are subject to change). Or if you just can’t wait, stop by the store for a bite!

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