Game Shop to Open in Lincoln Square

By Ricardo Villarreal | Monday, October 8, 2012

Wanderer’s Refuge in Lincoln Square

Aileen Bishop, and husband Nick Huaman, are the proud new owners of Wanderer’s Refuge, 4546 N. Western Ave., a soon-to-be game shop in Lincoln Square. The long-time residents have been playing games like Dungeons & Dragons,  and other board games for more than six years, and have long dreamed of opening a store.

“We always talked about opening a game shop,” said Bishop. “But there was always something. Bad timing, or something else.”

After taking some time from her former job to decide what she really wanted to do, Bishop went the way of her dream, which goes beyond simply selling games to people.

“It’s really a hybrid where people can buy what they need or just come in to play. We need to sell games to keep the store open, but it’s more important to me that the people in the neighborhood feel they have a place where they can go to find what they’re looking for, play for a bit, or just have a cup of coffee with some like-minded people.”

To distinguish themselves from other gaming shops in the area, Bishop says their going to have to do some things differently. One goal specifically, she says, is to appeal to all ages and interests.

“We hope to bring in more than the usual 18-to-35 year-old male. There’s two schools nearby, and we want to be that place where parents can stop in with their kids if they’d like to, and play for a bit. We want everyone to feel welcome.”

The store will be set to carry games of all sorts; from D&D and Settlers of Catan, to cards and dice, and educational games for kids. It’s still under construction, but Bishop says they hope to have people coming in to play some games by Halloween.

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  • http://spudart.org/ spudart

    i look forward to shopping at this store. :)

  • http://twitter.com/Alchemically Alchemical

    If you want to be different and appeal to a larger audience, make sure you keep the place well ventilated. Because game shops always stink. Huge turn off for the casual gamers.

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