From Photography to Knitting, Classes Are Right Around the Corner

By Patty Wetli | Monday, January 9, 2012

Learn to knit, cook or play the banjo. Classes are right around the corner. Credit: Flickr/abbynormy

How’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? Totally transformed your life yet? Yeah, me neither. But if you were serious about getting creative in 2012, learning a new skill or dusting off an old hobby, you won’t have to look far for inspiration.

You say you can’t boil water? The Chopping Block, 4747 N. Lincoln Ave., offers a slew of hands-on and demonstration classes. Start with the popular Knife Skills workshop, which will have you slicing and dicing like a pro, and work your way up to Hands-on Sushi or Doughnut Boot Camp.

Moving on from food to beverages, during Whiskey Workshop at Koval Distillery, 5121 N. Ravenswood Ave., you’ll train your palette to discern the nuances of various types of whiskey while also learning about the distillation process. If beer is more your style, the folks at Brew Camp, 2039 W. Belle Plaine Ave., will teach you how to make your own.

The artistically inclined have a wealth of options from which to choose. The Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, 4642 N. Western Ave., specializes in teaching handmade printmaking techniques like etching and screenprinting. The schedule of classes at Lillstreet Art Center, 4401 N. Ravenswood Ave., includes jewelry making, painting, ceramics, textiles, photography, and more. Interested in designing your own mosaics? We’ve got a school for that: the Chicago Mosaic School, 1800 W. Cuyler Ave. The Lincoln Square Pottery Studio, 4150 N. Lincoln Ave., invites you to come play with clay. Transistor, 3819 N. Lincoln Ave., has classes in home digital recording, photography, drawing and more.

It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. The Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln Ave., offers lessons in everything from accordian to tin whistle, along with dance, voice, songwriting and more.

When we say it’s time to learn how to dress yourself, we’re not talking about throwing out those old acid-washed jeans. We mean, learn how to make your own clothes and shoes. You know serious sweater weather is coming, El Nina or not, so what better time to check out a class at Knit1 Chicago, 3823 N. Lincoln. At the new Chicago School of Shoemaking, 4723 N. Winchester Ave., cobbler is a profession not a dessert. Start with a class in leather jewelry and work your way up to making your own pair of shoes.

Other opportunities just a few El stops away:

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