Foster & Western Red Light Cameras Bring In $2.3 Million

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, March 30, 2010
A very expensive intersection.

One of the two red light cameras at Foster and Western Avenues that have earned the City of Chicago over $2.3 million over the past three years. Credit: Mike Fourcher

The red light cameras at the Foster and Western Avenue intersection brought the City of Chicago over $2.3 million in fines between 2007 and 2009, according to Freedom of Information Act filings released this spring.

Buffalo Grove resident and anti-red light camera activist Barnet Fagel obtained?the list of cameras and fine totals throughout the city, then passed it on to University of Illinois Chicago communications professor Rajiv Shah, who mapped out the results.

According to the city documents, the Foster and Western cameras, which went live in June 2003, brought fine totals of $538,852 in 2007, $1,010,921 in 2008 and $754,619 in 2009.

The Center Square red light cameras are far from the city’s most profitable. The Sheridan and Hollywood Avenues cameras has earned the city $3.4 million in the past three years, while the Halsted and 99th Streets cameras have earned the city $4.95 million in the past three years.

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