‘Fooditude’ Casting Call for Kids at Lincoln Square Farmers Market Tomorrow

By Patty Wetli | Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jodie Foster got her start doing Coppertone ads, Ryan Gosling’s first gig was The All New Mickey Mouse Club and Meryl Streep, well, she’s always been Meryl Streep. We’re just saying, if you take your kid to Fooditude‘s casting call at the Thursday night farmers market in Lincoln Square, who knows where it will lead.

Fooditude is a web series (see episode below) that promotes healthy living by teaching kids about cooking and gardening, the environment and the science behind the foods they eat. “A lot of kids don’t know where their food comes from,” says Elise Jaffe, co-creator of the series and co-owner of Big Teeth Productions. The webisodes target tweens in particular, whose eating habits are at a critical juncture.

The casting call, which runs from 4-6 p.m. July 19 in the Wellness area of the market, is for youngsters aged 8 to 11. “We’re looking for kids who, first of all, aren’t afraid of having a camera in their face,” Jaffe says. An adventurous attitude toward food is helpful, but food allergies and aversions can not only be accommodated but may provide fodder for an episode.

Jaffe and her co-creator, Jodi Balis, aim to shoot one episode per month. The upcoming “season” will largely be centered in Lincoln Square, where Jaffe just happens to live and work. “I’m obsessed with the neighborhood,” she says. “There’s a lot of attention paid to the quality of food and sustainability,” along with a number of local businesses devoted to health and wellness. “It’s the perfect neighborhood, and there’s tons of kids.”

Along with the roughly four-hour shooting schedule per episode — which might take the cast to a restaurant, market or yoga studio — additional commitments parents should be aware of include monthly meet-ups for the kids to bond, blog posts and the occasional appearance at events such as Apple Fest. “We’re trying to find a family that’s supporting this initiative,” says Jaffe, whose background includes stints working on Blues Clues and the Reading Rainbow.

The entire casting call process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes — “We’re really only asking five or six questions” — and Jaffe is looking to fill two cast openings.

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