Food Trucks Converge Upon Ravenswood

By Patty Wetli | Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That's one way to attract a crowd! Flirty Cupcakes puts its sweets on display. Photo by Patty Wetli.

In a match made in food truck heaven, the Flirty Cupcakes van and Gaztro-Wagon converged upon Ravenswood during Tuesday’s lunch hour for double the flavor and double the fun.

While both have ventured into Center Square territory individually, this was their first joint appearance, largely at the behest of Threadless employees (soon to decamp from their offices at 4043 N. Ravenswood).

“We’re small businesses uniting,” says Jessica Burton, Flirty Cupcakes’ driver and Tweeter-in-Chief. (“Lunch truck extravaganza is about to go down!!!!”)

Hungry diners eagerly queued for lunch and dessert at one convenient curbside stop. On the menu: Gaztro’s signature Naan-Wiches and Flirty’s fancifully named confections: The McDreamy, Devil in Disguise, and No Plain Jane, to name a few. In less than an hour, Gaztro-Wagon had sold out of nearly half its sandwiches, including boar and duck.

While the food truck concept is well established in other major cities across the U.S., it’s just beginning to gain traction in Chicago, largely due to an ordinance that prohibits chefs from preparing food in their mobile kitchens. Both Flirty Cupcakes, which was among the first trucks to hit the road this past spring, and Gaztro-Wagon, which followed suit over the summer, trade in prepackaged fare. (Evanston’s city council just passed a measure allowing food prep on board trucks within the suburb’s limit. Chefs continue to pressure Chicago’s city council to do the same.)

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  • Anonymous

    Arrgh! I can’t believe I missed this.

  • Anonymous

    Arrgh! I can’t believe I missed this.

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