Five Questions With Tina Winter

By Stephanie Sack | Friday, May 4, 2012

Tina Winter at one of her favorite Lincoln Square haunts, the Sulzer Library. Credit: Stephanie Sack

After shuffling around the Midwest as a child, Tina Winter moved to Illinois for both high school and college, and settled into Lincoln Square after 10 years of living in Lakeview.  After spending her weekdays working downtown, she enjoys Lincoln Square’s many local charms over the weekends. Look for her to kick off the festival season at Maifest and unwittingly watching mariachi bands from the comfort of her own apartment.

CSJ: Where are you from originally and how did you land in Lincoln Square?

Winter: I was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., at Kinchloe Air Force Base – yep, I started out as military brat.  Once my dad was discharged, we moved around a lot (12 times since I was two years old) – all over Illinois, Indian and Wisconsin – because of my dad’s job with the FAA. I ended up back in Illinois for high school and college and then moved to Lakeview with a friend from high school for my first job. After being in Chicago about 10 years, most of my friends ended up living north of Irving Park, so I decided to move north to be closer to them. I ended up in Lincoln Square because I found a great apartment on Ainslie. After moving here, I loved the residential feel of my street and the neighborhood itself. My co-workers make fun of my 45-minute commute, but with a library card and my Nook, I’m never out of reading materials for the El.

What sets Lincoln Square apart from other neighborhoods in Chicago?

There are a lot of neighborhoods in Chicago, but most of them are pretty vanilla without a sense of community. I get that feeling of community in Lincoln Square. I also love the melting pot of cultures in Lincoln Square with Greek, German, Hispanic, Polish, etc., all being represented in parts of the area.

Describe your perfect day in Lincoln Square. 

Start with a croissant and a chai latte at Cafe Selmarie, stroll down to Sulzer to grab some reading materials for the commute to work, and then some shopping along Lincoln Avenue. My weekdays are pretty hectic with my job, so a lazy Saturday morning and afternoon is a good recharge.  Top that off with some drinks at one of the local watering holes and it’s the perfect day.

The weather is getting nicer…the patios and parks and rooftops are beckoning…what neighborhood places are your go-tos for summer fun in the sun?

Huettenbar is always on my list of go-to places no matter what kind of weather. I also like Bad Apple (yummy burgers and a killer selection of tasty libations). It’s a standard, but you can’t miss Maifest either for the start of the festival season.

What’s the wackiest or wildest thing you ever seen in Lincoln Square?

I lived in Lakeview on Clark by Diversey for a number of years and the Gay Pride Parade went by my apartment building, so it’s pretty hard to top that for wacky or wild BUT the most interesting thing I have seen was the first spring after I moved to Lincoln Square. It was a Sunday afternoon and I could hear a mariachi band playing outside my apartment. When I went to look, there was a parade going down my street. The music was wonderful and the people in the parade were having a great time.

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