Five Questions with Julie Snyder of Self Centered Yoga

By Beth Prystowsky | Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Julie Snyder, owner of Self Centered Yoga. Credit: Photo courtesy of Julie Snyder

Mother and business owner Julie Snyder provides a calm and welcoming atmosphere at Self Centered Yoga, 2201 W. Belmont Ave. The studio offers yoga for all ages and is open seven days a week. We had the opportunity to talk to Julie and ask her Five Questions.

Why did you choose to open Self Centered Yoga in Roscoe Village?

It’s a great neighborhood with residents who like to support their local businesses. There was a need for a small and intimate yoga studio nearby.  Nothing’s better than being able to walk to and from yoga class–no worries about driving, parking or catching the “L” or bus.

Tell us about Self Centered Yoga. How long has it been opened and what types of classes and services do you offer?

The studio has been open three years now. We offer a variety of classes, appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned yoga folks. There are even prenatal classes and an intro series for kids. We offer personalized attention to our students in a friendly and welcoming space. If the group classes don’t fit your schedule, we also provide private instruction for individuals, couples, or a small group of friends who’d like to practice together.

What are you favorite places in the neighborhood for food and drink?

I enjoy Kitsch’n on Roscoe for brunch (the kids love checking out all the fun stuff on the walls). I also like to head to Four Moon Tavern for a beer with friends now and then.

What led you to opening a yoga studio?

I love yoga, and think it has something to offer everyone. I also feel like it’s sometimes an intimidating subject for people who are new or curious.  There is a misconception that you’ve got to be able to stand on your head or be super flexible to come to class. I wanted to create a space that was laid back and welcoming, so that everyone would feel comfortable coming in to learn more about what a wonderful practice yoga can be, both physically and mentally.

How do you balance being a mother and a business owner? What would you recommend to others in a similar position.
It takes balance and flexibility (no yoga puns intended). I am grateful for smart phones and the fact I can “do business” on the go when I’m out with the kids running errands. I’m also lucky that the kids can hang out with me at the studio while I work; it’s like a big indoor playground to them. It’s difficult at times, juggling the roles of mom, wife and studio owner, but I try to always be grateful for my opportunities and embrace them fully.


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