Filbert Playlot Park Team Releases Draft Plans

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, October 6, 2011

Filbert Playlot Park. From Friends of FIlbert Playlot Park.

Monday night Friends of Filbert Playlot Park held an open planning meeting for the playlot renovation at 1822 W. Larchmont Ave. Earlier today, Emily Klingensmith, president of the group, released a preliminary set of plans resulting from Monday’s meeting.

“The [Chicago Park District's] in-house design staff prepared these layouts and suggested this Game Time play equipment,” said Klingensmith via email. “I added the notes that you see on the drawings so those who didn’t attend our Monday meeting could understand what is being proposed.

“We’ll also be collecting feedback from Filbert supporters that we will compile and present to the CPD to inform round 2 of the design process.  No firm deadline has been set yet for when we need to collect feedback; we’ll be determining that date shortly and will send an email blast to our supporters,” she said.

PDFs of the two plan options are below.

Filbert Playlot Park – Prelim Option 1

Filbert Playlot Park – Prelim Option 2

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