Fight Brews For 32nd Ward Dem Committeeman As Candidates File To Run

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Incumbent 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman John Fritchey. Official Photo.

Monday was the first day for candidates to file petitions for next March’s primary elections and while is at least one local race promises to be competitive in the Roscoe View area, there were few surprises on the first day.

Incumbent 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman John Fritchey, who is also a Cook County Commissioner, was at the front of the line to file yesterday morning. “I was there at 5:30 a.m. I love this stuff,” said Fritchey.

Candidates get in line early so they can file at the office opening so they are eligible for a drawing to win the top ballot spot. To be placed on the ballot, candidates must file their petitions by 5:00 p.m., December 5.

32nd Ward Alderman, Scott Waguespack filed to run for 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman too, adding some drama to the Committeeman race. “It was funny. I was in line next to John Curry, the Republican Committeeman candidate,” said Waguespack.

Once allies, Waguespack and Fritchey have steadily grown apart since Waguespack was first elected in 2007.

44th Ward Alderman and incumbent 44th Ward Democratic Committeeman Tom Tunney also filed to run for reelection yesterday morning. No challengers filed to oppose him on the first day.

Incumbents for all of Roscoe View’s state legislative positions filed at 8:00 a.m. in Springfield to be eligible for the top ballot spot. No other Democrats filed on the first day to compete against Illinois State Senator and Senate President John Cullerton (D-6), State Rep. Ann Williams (D-11) or State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-12). No Republicans or Greens filed to run for those seats on the first day either.

Many opposition candidates wait until the final day to file their nomination petitions to gain the element of surprise against incumbents and to limit the amount of time the incumbents have to scrutinize their ballot nomination petitions. In Illinois, candidates can be knocked off the ballot for many arcane and complicated reasons such as a lack of legible nomination signatures or incorrectly numbered pages in the petition.

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  • Anonymous

    32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman John Fritchey tried to recruit [former] Ald. Bernard Stone’s daughter to run against 32nd Ward Ald. Scott Waguespack in 2011. Fritchey did recruit 32nd Ward aldermanic candidate Brian Gorman to run against Waguespack in 2011. Two other Chicago Machine candidates also ran against Waguepack in 2011. From the Chicago News Cooperative Feb. 19, 2010:  http://bit.ly/tSY9ai

    • http://twitter.com/johnfritchey John Fritchey

      Joe, your statements are an outright lie and despite the fact that you know that, you unsurprisingly post them anyway.  You have consistently gone to local media with ‘stories’ that you know to be untrue. This is just your latest effort.

      I never once spoke with Alderman Stone’s daughter about running for office, and in fact, didn’t even know that she lived in the 32nd Ward until those ridiculous rumors started circulating.

      And not only did I not recruit Brian Gorman to run for Alderman, I gave him no assistance in the race whatsoever, despite the fact that he had been an outstanding volunteer with my activities, has a great track record of doing voter outreach on behalf of President Obama and would make a great Alderman.

      I received requests for help from each of Alderman Waguespack’s opponents but because the Aldermanic race was a non-partisan election, I stayed completely out of it.  Unlike 2007, in which I provided tens of thousands of dollars in support to Ald. Waguespack and countless other forms of help.  And unlike your claims, what I did is readily verifiable.

      That being said, I’m more than happy to discuss candidates that Scott or I have, or haven’t supported in the past.

      So you keep slinging mud and telling lies, I’m fully prepared to put out the truth…and the evidence to support it.

      • Anonymous

        The History of the 2007 32nd Ward Aldermanic Race. The Power of 121 Votes.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/32ndNLA

  • Anonymous

    A Chicago Code – A Case Study: The [2011] 32nd Ward Aldermanic Race, Kelly Tarrant, Feb. 7, 2011.  ”A quest to uncover a Push Pull leads to uncovering of many Chicago Codes.”  http://shar.es/oCsKg   Joe Lake, Chicago

    • Anonymous

      No, do not. Joe you’re welcome to your opinion, but not your own facts. That Examiner article (and most others I’ve seen) are not accurate or unbiased reporting. There are plenty of other places to look for background, but as someone that strives for accuracy, I would warn readers away from The Examiner.

      • Anonymous

        From the Courtship of Miles Standish, “Why don’t you speak for yourself, John.”  Joe Lake, Chicago

  • Anonymous

    John Fritchey, here is the source of your solicitation of Alderman Berrnie Stone’s daughter to run against Scott.  When she refused you, you solicited Gorman.  He told me that you were backing you as the Cook County Commissioner.  I believe you gave him some large sums of money, but you can correct me on that one.

    “ChicagoNews Cooperative by DAN MIHALOPOULOS | Feb 19, 2010 An Ally in 2007, but No Longer The afterglow of victory was brief for the self-styled reformers of Chicago’s 32nd Ward.
    State Representative John A. Fritchey helped behind the scenes as Scott
    Waguespack unseated Alderman Ted Matlak in the 2007 election. Now, Mr.
    Waguespack has accused Mr. Fritchey, the ward’s Democratic committeeman,
    of trying to recruit challengers when Mr. Waguespack seeks re-election
    next year. Alderman Bernard Stone (50th Ward) said last week
    that Mr. Fritchey had asked his daughter, Lori, who lives in the Near
    Northwest Side ward, about running against Mr. Waguespack in 2011. Mr.
    Stone said his daughter rejected the overture. In an e-mail
    message, Mr. Fritchey said he did not think Mr. Waguespack had done a
    good job, but he denied fomenting rebellion. “I’m not a kingmaker,” Mr.
    Fritchey said.

    So who is lying John.  Joe was just reporting a news story. Is it a lie to quote a news story. 

    You owe me $275 for buying breakfast for 7 polling stations.  Pay up!

    • http://twitter.com/johnfritchey John Fritchey

      Richard Wallace, I stand behind everything I said.  I would imagine that both Ms. Stone and Brian Gorman would back up everything I’ve said.  As far as your money for meals for the Aldermanic election is concerned, as I’ve told you before, as a non-partisan election, I wasn’t involved.  I would hope that the Alderman would reimburse you for any money you believe you’re owed for money you spent on his behalf.

  • Anonymous

    Commissioner Fritchey: You are clearly a smart and capable legislator, but in my opinion, the manner in which you conduct your politics baffling. I’ve worked in and around your immediate orbit for a long while and when your name comes up, a roll of the eyes usually follows.   I can ‘t understand how a guy with your abilities can elicit such a reaction? Your relationship with  Frank Coconate, Jesse Juarez, and Dick Mell have now created a stink that runs counter to the reform platform you worked so hard to cultivate. That may only matter with insiders for now, but you know very well that in time,  it can and will define you with the general electorate. People spread other rumors about your personal life, which frankly I find out of bounds and unfair.  Whether you like to admit it or not, Ald. Waguespack is seen asindependent, smart and focused. Qualities that many once/do assign to you. My question is, why not pick your battles? For all the mediocre legislators out there, you set your sights on him?  For example, you are close friends with Ald. Moreno, who also voted to support the Mayor’s budget. Would you also be willing to come out and say that he erred in judgment? Is the issue so important to you that you would back Juarez in his race against Moreno? Or is this all just fake outrage? For what it’s worth, I still think you are an overall positive for our city. I just think your decision to sling mud at Ald. Waguespack is ill-advised.    

    • https://plus.google.com/101569877506852293509 Dark Knight

      You hit the nail right on the head. Fritchey’s name is mud in this city…just ask any of the Banks (Panebianco) family including Karen Panebianco Banks Fritchey.

      This man is not looked upon as a leader or an honest human being.

      • Anonymous

        This comment is beyond acceptable commentary. We do not allow direct, personal insults.

        • threeOnetwo MustBeCleansed

          Sounds like the truth hurts! Maybe you should find a new career??

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