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By Patty Wetli | Thursday, August 4, 2011

This can be yours, for just $3. Photo from amyscandybar.com

A quick round-up of local foodie news:

Amy’s Candy Bar, 4704 N. Damen Ave., has a featured deal on Living Social. Make that two deals. Behind Door #1: Spend $3, get $6 worth of ice cream and candy. Behind Door #2: Spend $20, get $40 of candy, cupcakes, cookies, party favors and more. Do we really have to tell you which door to choose?

Koval Distillery, 5121 N. Ravenswood Ave., has announced the very limited release (166 bottles) of its new 47th Ward Blend Whiskey, a mash-up of malted barley, rye, oat and wheat. Available only in Chicago, the 47th Ward Blend will be released on August 6 to bars and liquor stores, but we hear you can jump the gun and snag the blend at Koval’s tasting room right now. Not ready to spring for an entire bottle? We get it, you have commitment issues. For a sample, check out Koval’s tasting event at Fountainhead, 1970 W. Montrose Ave., August 8, 7-9 p.m., where for $10 you can enjoy appetizers and tiny pours of the 47th Ward Blend along with other Koval whiskeys. RSVP to meg@kovaldistillery.com with WARD 47 in the subject line.

Back by popular demand, Salted Caramel is hosting Pop Up Shoppe II, Sunday, August 7, noon to 4 p.m., at Espresso Thy Art Cafe, 4019 N. Damen Ave. For those of you who missed Pop Up I, held on a beastly hot day back when that was a novelty, Salted Caramel’s concoctions include chocolate mole pudding pops and lemon raspberry goat cheese cups. New for Pop Up II: a cherry cucumber pop and signature sundaes.

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    Thanks.   Any news yet on American Flatbread off Giddings plaza?

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