Early voting in Lincoln Square and Northcenter short of 2008 pace

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Early voting totals for the first week of early primary voting in the 47th and 40th Wards are on pace to be well short of 2008′s primary early voting totals. So far 189 40th Ward residents and 221 47th Ward residents have early voted.

In the 2008 presidential primary 357 40th Ward voters had voted in the first week along with 560 47th Ward voters. The first week of the 2008 general election early voting, as many recall, was much busier, with 1,237 40th ward voters and 1,915 47th ward voters.

2006 Primary 2008 Primary 2008 General 2010 Primary
40th Ward 40 357 1,237 189
47th Ward 201 560 1,915 221

“It’s how many people that have their minds made up, and [the early vote total] reflects voter interest,” said Chicago Board of Elections spokesman Jim Allen. “By the time people got to the 2008 general, people had their minds made up.”

This year’s primary early voting more closely tracks the 2006 gubernatorial primary election.

The pace of early voting is expected to increase as Election Day, February 2nd, draws near.

“The first week is never as strong as the second week and the second week is not as strong as the final four days,” said Allen.

The Wells Park Field House and the Budlong Woods Library early voting polls, are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm until January 28th. The Wells Park Field House polling place is also open on Sundays, from 9am to 5pm.

Any registered voter from any part of the city may vote at any early voting polling place.

More information can be found at at the Chicago Board of Elections, (312) 269-7900.

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