Discussion: Are These The Best Xmas Tree Spots?

By Mike Fourcher | Monday, November 28, 2011

Trees for sale on the 3500 N. Ashland Ave. block on Monday morning. Credit: Mike Fourcher

Every year, on Thanksgiving weekend, empty lots manage to fill up with conifers for the holidays. Racks of trees, wreaths and sometimes holly are arrayed behind beat up fences and hand painted signs reading, “Trees For Sale”.

But the thing is, unless you drive around the neighborhood, it’s hard to keep track of these places – let alone know which ones are any good. So we at RVJ have done a bit of homework for you in advance. We drove around and took note of the Christmas tree vendors we could find this weekend.

Here’s where we found trees for sale. Then, if you’ve got tips, complaints or another place to share, drop a note in the comments.

  • Wellington Ave. and Ashland Ave in front of the Jewel
  • The corner of Lincoln Ave., Racine Ave. and Diversey Ave.
  • Klein True Value, 3737 N. Southport Ave.
  • The block of 3500 N. Ashland Ave.
  • Broadway and Melrose - added by reader
  • Damen Ave., Fullerton Ave. and Elston Ave. – added by reader
Do you know of other spots? Had a good or bad experience with a vendor? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Aaron Berlin

    I had a good experience yesterday in the gloom and rain with the guy working on Ashland, and the prices were pretty good compared to the going rate on Broadway and Melrose (I suppose that’s outside of the RVJ’s beat).

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the tip! Added.

  • Michael Pilat

    There’s another tree lot at the intersection-of-doom of Damen / Fullerton / Elston, on the same corner as the Vienna Beef factory. Haven’t tried it, though.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the tip! Added.

  • Anonymous

    I was stunned that my old regular spot at Lincoln and Newport – next to the bar – lacked trees this year.

  • Anonymous

    last year I dropped by at Damen/Fullerton/Elston to find a great tree, reasonably priced.  Most are in the 35-60 range.  It was a total blizzard going on and the tree seller guy was so funny and amicable amidst the harsh 10 degree weather and 25 MPH winds.  He cut the yule log off right there with a chainsaw on the bed of my truck. 

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