DeVry And Friends of Ravenswood Elementary To Replace School Computers

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An innovative partnership between the DeVry University and Friends of Ravenswood School will replace student computers throughout the elementary school at 4332 N. Paulina St.

Steve Stottrup, President of Friends of Ravenswood School (FORS), said the project, led by member Michael Waechter is, “purchasing the raw materials to build or refurb computers from scratch, and DeVry is running a training program for Ravenswood kids to learn how to build and refurb the computers themselves.”

The school is running a pilot plan in February, and if it is successful, the project will proceed with more units throughout the school year.

“The savings would be more than half the cost of a traditional computer,” said Strottrup. “The current estimate of savings is at $21,500 on 35 machines.”

Stottrup also reports that FORS raised $73,291.91 in the 2009-10 school year, all from donations. The group is holding its annual gala and charity auction Spring Forward on March 26 at the DANK Haus, where they expect to raise over $30,000. Tickets are open to the public and can be purchased online.

According to Stottrup, FORS applies it funding to art and music programs as well as pre-K, full-day kindergarden and the library.

In the next year, FORS hopes to raise funds, especially from local businesses, to build an electronic sign on Montrose.

“A new sign would help us do a better job of advertising pending events and significant achievements to the local community,” says Stottrup.

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