Detour Ahead: Wilson Avenue Bridge to Close Through March

By Patty Wetli | Monday, January 16, 2012

Wilson Avenue bridge to close through March, detours and headaches ahead. Credit: Flickr/hannah.rosen

After a routine inspection, the Chicago Department of Transportation determined the Wilson Avenue bridge over the Chicago River was in need of repairs. Work begins Tuesday, Jan. 17 and is expected to last through March 3.

The bridge will remain open Jan. 17 -23; from Jan. 23 to March 3, the bridge will be closed to traffic. A detour will direct vehicles to use Montrose Avenue as a bypass, so Montrose commuters, you’ve been warned.

The 33rd Ward chief-of-staff will be discussing with CDOT and CPS officials what provision will be made for children who must cross the river to attend nearby Waters Elementary at 4540 N. Campbell Ave.

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  • Anonymous

    This bridge was rehabed in1993.  At the time I remember reading an article about the 1963 rehab.  In ’63 workers were caught napping or double dipping.  Can anyone verify? 

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